The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body & not at its mercy

The Pilates Works+

Founded in January 2020 as an extension of The Pilates Works (since 2009). The founders Keren Ong & Collin Low were trained by the late Alvin Giam (1955-2015) who started the first Pilates studio in Singapore in 1999.


Release Work

Too often, a lack of flexibility and mobility in our muscles and joints restrict movement. We offer group and individual release and stretch classes to address these concerns.


Strength and Balance Work

Imbalances in our bodies tend to cause aches and pains. Our programs seek to bring clarity and precision to our strength and stability work.


Pilates, Functional Movement & Posture

We strongly believe in the education of correct posture and functional movements to achieve greater results in our training programs. When the posture is right, a lot of problems tend to go away.

Our Featured Classes

Private 1-to-1 Pilates Class

These are individually taught classes where the teacher works with only one client. An experienced teacher will begin with a postural assessment who will then point out any imbalances and asymmetries. Over the next few sessions, your teacher will show you the basics of the method and develop an individual program tailored to your physique. […]

1-to1 Classes
Avoid spinal surgery
Better Posture
Flexible and strong
Improve balance
Knee injury
Range of motion
Stiff neck/shoulder
Tone, lean muscle
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Alleviate and Restore

Good Words from Our Clients

At 67 years old, your neck, joints and back hurts. You lose balance, you choke when swallowing your food. Physically, your quality of life starts to deteriorate. When you meet old friends, the only topic we talk about is health related.

Twelve months ago, I was fortunate to be introduced by my friend to Keren Ong, a Pilates Instructor. I explained my health issues and she structured a Pilates Training Program for me. It was hard work and after three months, I started to feel a great improvement in my mobilty. I did not realise that our body have so many different types of muscles which through our life time, have been neglected.

My quality of life has improved. Aging is inevitable but through Pilates, one can prolong your quality of life. Try it, you got nothing to lose.

Andrew Quek Andrew Quek

I was referred by an osteopath to Colin because I was suffering from chronic neck and back pain. It’s been 10 years and I have not looked back since.

From my first session, Colin was able to pinpoint what the issues were and worked on a personalized plan for me. He is patient, methodical and careful. I could see improvements within weeks of starting Pilates. I gradually gained more flexibility and core strength. Most importantly, my back and neck pain diminished significantly.

I’m very grateful to Collin for his care over the years. Pilates is now part of my weekly routine.

Beatrice Chen Beatrice Chen

I had surgery done on L4 and L5 of my spine in 2008. After the surgery, my body was never the same again. I experienced constant pain and discomfort every day.

I started pilates training in 2009 and it helped me to relieve some of the pain but not fully. Then in 2015, I had right knee replacement and that added more pain on my body until I met Serene Teo during a pilates convention in Seoul in 2017.

I started semi-private training with Serene in the beginning of 2018 and since then, my body has improved tremendously.

During these two years, she helped me regain my health through correct posture, better co-ordination and also increase my awareness of the correct posture when doing my daily activities.

I was taught to be more mindful with stretching the right muscle to reduce tightness. The stretches done every week helps me to overcome the constant pain that I experienced in the past.

In addition, the stretches she made us do is different every week and thus, it makes the lesson interesting and not boring. She is a firm teacher and know when to push us. The training is really good although sometimes quite tough but we are fully aware it’s for our own good.

These days, I am literally pain free and was able to even enjoy my weekly badminton game. I am very happy. My friends even admired my tone body !

Phyllis Wong Phyllis Wong

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